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don’t read this i am very worried

Idk man, coke does not keep me up.
Also I don’t remember if I blacked out last night or just went to bed early but again there was coke so how would I have gone to bed early l o l
This could be bad.

But one of my best friends is in real mental trouble so fuck caring about me… She got drunk last night with us but she wasn’t even that drunk though, for her at least. And this is what I don’t understand. I woke up this morning soaking wet (¿?) in a loft I don’t remember going to, to her mother telling us that at 2 AM more people came over and her new house/room mate person got pissed and she told my friend she was going to send her to live with her dad (who is a complete fucking psycho) so my friend cut all up her arms and tried to slice her neck (she had only had one drink a few xanax (only .5’s) and countless cigs nothing else) holy shit I’m so worried I’m legit tweaking out. Her mom wanted us to leave her there with her boyfriend so we did and I’m just so scared. I want to call but she hasn’t told us herself yet and akdkdgdkdjslsk ):

Anonymous :
did you lose your virginity to your first love?
terminallych-ill :


Hell no

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Anonymous :
I would honestly love to fuck you
terminallych-ill :

who goes there¿?

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I’m really sad and now I need to get ready for work (-:
Today is also one of those days when I can’t put my finger on where the sad came from because it developed while I was drunk (-:
I wish hangovers killed the postdrunk sober emotions (-:
Maybe I’d be less sad today (-:


literally having my quarter life crisis like college is so fun how am i HALFWAY THROUGH IT and postgrad life looks like actual shit like i actually have to go to work ALL day and you can’t have random hookups and go to house parties and live on a campus? like shit what if I’m already peaking